Message from Our Artistic Director

Professor Paul Coletti, the Colburn School 

In these historical times of such social unrest, with humanity in difficulties, and as we watch our beloved blue planet searching for its identity, music has never been more important. Music always reaches for the higher and most beautiful attributes in all of us. Music connects and inspires us. Consider that a master sensei such as Lynn Harrell can teach a work written 300 years ago, to a young Asian protege who perhaps cannot speak English, but can speak music, and through sharing, continue a tradition that can enrich both their lives, an audience, and bring us all as humans a little bit closer to each other.

I have great dreams for the growth of this new festival, I am proud to be associated with it, and I say Bravo! to all of us who are a part of its beginning.

In 2016 I was honored to be invited to the first Bravo!, and immediately I could see the high quality of vision, leadership and ideals. This festival is unique in its bridging of international customs and styles.

The executive director, Stanny Shiu has put together a collaborative inter-cultural festival which combines students and faculty from all over the world. With music as its focal point, this cross-pollination of ideas and traditions, methods and techniques, can create a deep understanding among people of all backgrounds, ages, talents and hopes.